T-Scan Exclusive Training

To be the best, you need to surround yourself with the best and by taking up this limited time offer, you’re doing just that. We’re pairing the most advanced digital occlusal analysis system available with world leading training to help you raise your standard of care and differentiate your practice from the competition.
T-Scan® helps clinicians see what was previously left to intuition including identification of premature contacts, high forces and the interrelationship of occlusal services. Whether eliminating destructive forces on a new restoration, or performing an occlusal analysis and adjustment procedure, T-Scan® helps you balance your patients’ occlusions with precision and accuracy.
During this exclusive training, you will learn how to:

  • Enhance patient experience and education
  • Improve occlusal design end-result precision
  • Eradicate destructive forces
  • Minimise adjustments and repeat visits
  • Differentiate your practice from the competition

Phone: 1300 60 28 58 or
Email: info@australianimaging.com.au
and take advantage of this limited time offer.

*Offer valid for all complying orders received by 30 November 2015. Training is only available between 14th March 2016 and 17th March 2016. Scheduling is at the absolute discretion of Australian Imaging. Whilst every effort will be made to work with your schedule, failure to be available at scheduled times will result in forfeiture of prize.

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